Avoiding Plumbing Repair

Plumbing repair at your Roseville home can be an expensive hassle. Not only do you have to worry about any potential damage, but you might have to go without water for a few hours when your plumber comes out to fix the problem. Fortunately, there are a few things you can to do help prevent the need for plumbing repair. Here are a few tips from the professionals at All Ways Drains.

One of the most important things you should know about your home is where the main shut off valve is for your water supply. You should also know how to turn it off quickly in case there is a burst pipe or another type of problem like that. Sometimes, if you can get to that shut off valve fast enough, you could help mitigate some of the damage that can be caused by a burst pipe and more.

Another way to help avoid plumbing repair is by watching what you flush down your toilets and pour down your sinks, especially your kitchen sink. The only things that should be flushed down your toilets are human waste and toilet paper. Do not allow anyone to flush hair, food, tissues, dental floss or anything like that. As for your sinks, make sure you do not try to rinse down anything besides water. In your kitchen sink, there are a few types of food that you can safely put down your sink but not many, even if you have a garbage disposal.

You definitely do not want to put any fat or grease down your kitchen sink. Instead, pour the fat or grease into a glass jar and then seal it. Then throw it out with the rest of your trash. If fat and grease build up in your kitchen sink, you will eventually need to call us for plumbing repair because this can cause a variety of problems with your plumbing and drains.

Make sure your washing machine’s hose is in good shape by inspecting it every so often. It should be made out of stainless steel braided lines since these types of lines will not burst and cause problems.

Follow these suggestions and hopefully you can avoid a lot of plumbing repair in your future!

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Choosing a Plumber

Choosing a plumber can be a difficult task. You want to make sure you have someone you can trust and who will do the job right. You need a plumber with experience and professionalism. If you need a plumber in Maplewood, you can turn to All Ways Drains.

All Ways Drains is a veteran and family owned professional plumbing service for both residential homes and commercial businesses. We can help with all your plumbing needs such as new faucet installation, repiping, kitchen and bathroom remodels, leaky faucets or pipes, toilet problems, clogged drain, low water pressure and much more.

If you need a plumber at your home, business or commercial property, give us a call. We provide free estimates so you will know what to expect and the price of the service. We always aim to provide high quality work at reasonable prices.

We are not a huge corporate plumbing company. We are a smaller, family owned and operated business that has been serving the area for more than 15 years. We are able to provide personalized service to all our customers.

All plumbers are required to be licensed by the state and carry both workman’s compensation and general liability insurance. This is something you will want to check with any plumber you hire. All Ways Drains is licensed with the state of Minnesota and we are fully insured.

When choosing a plumber, you want to make sure they are available when an emergency arises. All Ways Drains is on call 24/7. If you have a sewer backup in the middle of the night, give us a call and you will reach a live person from our company ready to help. We provide fast response times 24/7.

A plumber should do more than just fix the problem, they should exceed your expectations to ensure everything is done properly the first time, and they should check any other issues to prevent future problems. You should be able to trust your plumber and know they have your best interest in mind.

At All Ways Drains we strive to provide good customer service because we want you to call us every time you need a plumber.

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Residential Plumber FAQs

Plumbing is a pretty specialized type of service. Sure, there are plenty of plumbing-related do-it-yourself projects out there, but when it comes to the really technical projects, you need the help of a professional residential plumber. Shoreview homeowners have trusted All Ways Drains for years with all of their plumbing needs. So we thought we would discuss some of the most frequent questions that we get about plumbing and our plumbing services.

Q: What usually causes a faucet to leak?

A: Almost all of the time, a leaky faucet is caused by a bad washer. This can easily be replaced by you, or you can call a residential plumber from All Ways Drains for help if you aren’t sure how to do this on your own.

Q: What is a good way to keep my shower drain from getting clogged?

A: A very inexpensive way to prevent this is to get a trap for the drain. This is a small piece, usually made out of metal or a durable plastic, and it will fit over your shower drain and trap hair. You can easily pull the hair out of this trap or remove the trap itself and put the hair in your trash can after each time you take a shower.

Q: Is it a big deal that my toilet is running all of the time?

A: Yes, this is definitely a big deal! It is wasting water, which impacts Mother Earth and your pocketbook if you pay a monthly water bill.

Q: What are some tips to take care of my garbage disposal and to use it properly?

A: Garbage disposal are very easy to misuse and accidentally break, which means you will have to call in a residential plumber like us to fix it. If you use your garbage disposal to grind food, you should always use cold water to move the food out and through your drain lines. Food with a high fiber content should not go into your garbage disposal, and you should only put food down there that is totally biodegradable. Never put items like bottle caps, clam shells or aluminum foil down into your garbage disposal either. This will definitely cause your disposal to break.

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Plumbing Tips for the Spring Time

Now that the warmer months are upon us, it’s time to start thinking about your spring cleaning to do list. One of the chores you should make sure is on your list is to look over your home’s plumbing to check for any damage it might have sustained during the cold winter months. We are a reliable plumbing contractor in St Paul and the surrounding areas, and here are a few things we think you should watch out for.

Although the freezing temperatures are well behind us, burst pipes could still be an issue that you’d have to call our plumbing contractor about. Check for any signs of leaking pipes and, while you’re at it, check all of the taps and faucets inside and outside of your home for leaks too. If you see any that are leaking, you can call a plumbing contractor from All Ways Drains for help. But if it’s a minor leak that can be fixed by replacing the washer on the faucet, that is an easy do-it-yourself fix.

You should also check the drains in your home’s lower level to make sure that they are properly working in case there is a flood or a high level of rain. Pour some water in them and time how long the water takes to drain away. If it’s longer than a few seconds, you should snake the drain to clear any dirt and debris out of there. But if you are unsure of how to do this or if you do it and your drain still isn’t working properly, call us so we can send a plumbing contractor out to help you.

Check your home’s gutters too. Make sure they are draining properly, and make sure there aren’t any leaves or other debris built up in them. If you see that there is a problem, be sure to clean your gutters as soon as possible. Your gutters need to be draining properly to help make sure your roof does not develop any leaks.

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Sewer Cleaning Tips

There are few chores that are messier than sewer cleaning. Thankfully that’s why there are sewer cleaning companies in Minneapolis like ours that can take care of this often odious task. Here are a few quick and easy do-it-yourself ways to keep your sewer pipes clean. But for any sewer cleaning needs that are more involved, you are going to want to call in the professionals like the ones here at All Ways Drains.

Salt and vinegar make a great combination for sewer cleaning. Combine a cup of salt with a cup of vinegar. Pour all of it into your drain to help break up any dirt and debris that is in your pipes. Leave the mixture in there for about five minutes. After that, pour boiling hot water in the drain to rinse the salt and vinegar away.

A cup of baking soda also works wonders for sewer cleaning and cleaning pipes and drains. Just pour a cup of baking soda into your pipes and then about a minute later, pour a cup of boiling water in. That way, the water can flush away the baking soda and any dirt or residue it has picked up.

You might go to the store to see what your options are there, but this is not advisable unless you know for sure what your pipes are made out of and how old they are. If you get the wrong type of sewer cleaning product, you could end up doing far more harm than good.

Of course, for bigger sewer cleaning projects, you are going to want to call in the experts like us here at All Ways Drains. We do not recommend doing much more in terms of do-it-yourself projects when it comes to your sewer and drainage pipes.

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Welcome to All Ways Drain’s New Blog

At All Way Drains, we specialize in sewer line repair, clogged drains and all other plumbing emergencies. We have started a new blog to keep you up to date with what’s going on with our company, the industry and more. We hope you will find it informative and fun to read.

All Ways Drains has been serving the Twin Cities Metro for over ten years. We have a 24/7 live response services. When you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, we should be your first and only call. We have reasonable prices and a responsive team.

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