Keep it Moving With our Drain Cleaners This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us. The Christmas music is blaring everywhere you go—the grocery stores and malls. Check your lists twice those wallets thrice! The holidays bring with them meals that far exceed that which we get to enjoy during the normal flow of daily life. Turkey and ham being popular favorites on the specific holidays looming, not to mention other potentially greasy items on those menus, clogged drains can be a real problem at this time of year. If you will be host to any major meals ahead and you find yourself in need of a good drain cleaner for your Twin Cities area home, call on the professionals at All Ways Drains. We will bring holiday cheer to the sluggish or complete lack of flow in your pipes.

Plumbers are of the thinking that it should be more than established to homeowners that no oil or grease should ever be dumped down a drain, or allowed in any fashion to invade your plumbing or water system in any way. Grease simply does not flow like water does, through your piping. Grease is substantially more viscous than other types of liquids that you send down the drain. It bogs and slows on its path through the piping network, “sticking” to things that may have already massed within, or even, begin to create fresh new clumps in its own right.

Put the grease you create through your holiday cooking into some sort of container, like a spent coffee tin or a milk jug. Store the grease in your fridge or your freezer and throw it out once the garbage man comes. The old myth of running hot water and sending grease down the drain via garbage disposal with it sounds nice in principle but being that oil and water do not mix, steaming hot water will not aid in outflow of grease any more than cold, or even no water would. Grease being chemically different than water, it will react wholly different in any situation than water would.

If you find that you wish to pour your grease down the drain anyway, have already acted in this fashion, chances are you will need the assistance of a professional drain cleaner to come in, take a look, undo the damage and get things moving again. And please, stay away from those chemical drain cleaners that you find on store shelves. Continued usage of these products will do damage to the interior of your piping, setting you up for potentially costly repair in the future.

Do you need a drain cleaner in the greater Twin Cities? Call family and Veteran-owned All Ways Drains at 612-922-9422 or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate on our services.


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