DIY or Get Plumbing Contractors?

If you are having a plumbing problem at your house, you might be thinking about trying to fix it yourself. You may think you can watch a few YouTube videos and they will teach you everything you need to know. While this might work for minor plumbing problems, like replacing a washer in your faucet, it might not work as well for larger issues. So how can you tell if the repair work is minor enough to handle yourself or if you should call plumbing contractors to your Minneapolis home? Here are a few examples of repairs that should always be handled by plumbing contractors like

Low water pressure throughout the house
If your shower head has low water pressure but the rest of your house is fine, then you probably just need to clean the shower head and that should fix the problem. However, if you’re having problems with low water pressure throughout your entire house, this is a problem for plumbing contractors. Low water pressure can sometimes mean there are bigger plumbing problems like poor pipe design, problems that originate in your water or sewer system, or roots or debris infiltrating your pipes. No matter what the culprit is, you need plumbing contractors to diagnose and fix the problem.

Valve issues
If you have some plumbing experience, then you might be able to replace any valves that are having problems. However, if you have no idea what you are doing and no experience with plumbing, call plumbing contractors like us instead of trying to do it on your own.

Frozen or burst pipes
Depending on the extent of the damage to the pipes, this might be a DIY project. If the pipes are just frozen, then you can probably fix them on your own if you know how to do so safely. However, if the pipes have burst or have any damage to them, then you will need to call plumbing contractors like us for help.

Sewer back-up
If sewage is backing up out of the pipes and into your home, you will definitely need to call plumbing contractors for help. There is nothing you can do on your own to fix this problem unless you are a licensed plumber.

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