How to Speak to Your Plumber

Calling a plumber can sometimes be stressful if you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, like a burst pipe or a severely clogged drain that is causing your home or business to flood. So we thought we would give you a few suggestions on what you should tell your plumber when he goes to your St Paul home or business.

The first thing you need to tell your plumber is as much background about the problem as possible. When did you first notice the issue? Has the issue stayed the same or gotten worse? Did you try any do it yourself fixes before you called for a plumber and, if so, what did you do and did it seem to fix the problem at first or did it make it worse? Do you know anything about the appliance or pipe or plumbing fixture that needs to be repaired, such as when it was first installed or who installed it?

Our plumber will take a look at the issue to see what’s going on and then diagnose and fix the problem if possible. If the pipe, appliance or other plumbing fixture should be replaced instead (when the cost of the repair work would be more than the cost of the replacement), then the plumber will let you know and go from there.

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, you definitely should call in a plumber to do any work on the plumbing system, pipes, etc. One of our plumbers can install any new plumbing fixtures, and we can also install water-using appliances like dishwashers and garbage disposals. We recommend you call a professional plumber for this type of work unless you are an experienced plumber and know how to safely and properly do this type of work so it is up to code.

A plumber from All Ways Drains can recommend the best types of new appliances and plumbing fixtures for your new bathroom or kitchen. We can suggest ones that will help conserve water and will give you more bang for your buck. When you call us for help with remodeling, we will go over the specific details of your project with you, but we will basically need to know what you want done, your time frame to get it all done by and your budget.

Do you want more information on hiring a plumber in St Paul? Call All Ways Drains at 612-922-9422 or contact us and get a Free Estimate.


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