Sewer Cleaning Tips

There are few chores that are messier than sewer cleaning. Thankfully that’s why there are sewer cleaning companies in Minneapolis like ours that can take care of this often odious task. Here are a few quick and easy do-it-yourself ways to keep your sewer pipes clean. But for any sewer cleaning needs that are more involved, you are going to want to call in the professionals like the ones here at All Ways Drains.

Salt and vinegar make a great combination for sewer cleaning. Combine a cup of salt with a cup of vinegar. Pour all of it into your drain to help break up any dirt and debris that is in your pipes. Leave the mixture in there for about five minutes. After that, pour boiling hot water in the drain to rinse the salt and vinegar away.

A cup of baking soda also works wonders for sewer cleaning and cleaning pipes and drains. Just pour a cup of baking soda into your pipes and then about a minute later, pour a cup of boiling water in. That way, the water can flush away the baking soda and any dirt or residue it has picked up.

You might go to the store to see what your options are there, but this is not advisable unless you know for sure what your pipes are made out of and how old they are. If you get the wrong type of sewer cleaning product, you could end up doing far more harm than good.

Of course, for bigger sewer cleaning projects, you are going to want to call in the experts like us here at All Ways Drains. We do not recommend doing much more in terms of do-it-yourself projects when it comes to your sewer and drainage pipes.

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